Important Notice:

Plugin Network Ad display is currently available for use on websites and in self-hosted plugins only - not within plugins submitted to WordPress.Org repository yet - as we work on adapting certain features of the Network to fit in with the WordPress repository guidelines. Thank you for your patience, hopefully this will be done shortly. Also please note the below is a network model written with this goal in mind.
Free Plugin Authors

Plugin donations slow? Want something more back for all your hard work? Monetize your free plugin by showing premium plugin ads on your plugin settings pages and earn commissions for every sale. Simply copy and paste the ad network script into your plugin and update it. And, using our campaign manager you get full control over which categories, networks or products you want to show for each plugin.

Premium Plugin Authors

Get free targeted exposure for your plugins directly to WordPress end users! Simply list your plugin as an affiliate program on the ad network and have it displayed by free plugin authors and webmasters throughout the network. It's the easy way to build both your affiliates and direct sales.

WordPress End User

While using a free plugin supported by the ad network, blogger or developer sees an ad on the free plugin's settings page, clicks on the ad and purchases the premium plugin. The blogger gets recommended quality software, the free plugin author receives commission, and the premium plugin author makes a sale... It's a true win-win-win situation!
Plugin Ad (Example)

Plugin Review Network
What do we get? Exposure for the network and our plugins, and possible sub-affiliate commissions if/where available.
Join the Plugin Ad Network and start earning today!

Quick Guide

Plugin Ad Network Quick Guide

Note: You can access the Ad Network when you have verified your email.Note: The tabs mentioned below are available when you are logged in and verified. Monetize: Create an income stream with your plugin or website by displaying plugin ads using our exclusive Plugin Ad Network. All ads you display will use your affiliate IDs so you earn the commission for each sale (enter your affiliate IDs on the Network IDs tab.) Promote and Build: As some affiliate programs have two tiers, you can build your sub-affiliates by inviting them to join the Network, and earn sub-commissions for their sales via the Network. (Your Network IDs will brand the join links from this site.) Can you say "sub-affiliate building tool"? You link for doing this, email swipe copy and sharing options are on the Invite tab. Ready to Start? Simply copy and paste the ad script from the Ad Script tab into your plugin or website page where you want them to display and earn direct commissions for every sale. (The script will only display ads for which you have entered network IDs.) The ad script API options are also displayed there to allow you to use the script according to your needs. Campaigner? Want to display different ads for different plugins or websites? No problem. You can easily set up unlimited campaigns from the Campaign tab to tailor which products, categories or networks you want to display where. Plus ad display and clickthrough tracking is provided for every campaign per product and traffic source. Looking for Something? You can also view a list of available products and their commissions from the Affiliate Products tab, with signup information, login and promotional material links for each product, giving you complete control over and ease of access to what you want to promote. Author or Affiliate Manager? If you have a plugin affiliate program you want to submit or recommend you can do so via the Add Product tab. We are always looking for quality products to expand the network, and manually review each submission before inclusion in the network. As the network grows there will be an option for paid express reviews. Note: No end plugin user information is collected for or by the Network. We believe this step will ensure the privacy and integrity of the Network.
Network Agreement

Plugin Ad Network Agreement


These rules strictly enacted to provide a quality user experience!
Abuse of this Network will see your account terminated - fast.

In using the Plugin Ad Network (herein 'the Network') you agree to:

For Plugins:
1a. Only serve ONE ad per page.You *can* contact us for special case exemptions.
1b. Serve ads ONLY on pages related specifically to your plugin,
(eg. settings pages, access panels and plugin sidebars etc.) Play Fair!
1c. DO NOT serve ads on Wordpress Dashboard and Post Writing screens etc.
Refer to 1b for clarity on this and if in doubt contact us.
To be clear: Network Ads in Dashboard Widgets and Metaboxes are NOT okay.
(This is simply to ensure that multiple plugins that use the Network can be installed
without turning an end user's admin area into a mess of advertising... CAN SPAM!)
This applies only to ads served by the Network, your other code is your business.
1d. Provide a user option to turn off Network ads shown by your plugin.
*Preferably* with an easy user interface such as via an option on your settings page.
(If your plugin doesn't have a settings page, you may provide this option via
a query request instead if you provide clear instructions in your readme.txt)

For Websites:
2a. Not show ads from the Network on any website that encourages violence
or other unlawful activity.
2b. You are not restricted to one ad per page as you are with plugins.

For Plugins and Websites:
3. Waive any claim of damages, loss of income or loss of commissions upon
the Network in use of this free service which is provided without warranty.
4. Agree to changes of this agreement required for the continuation of the
Network (you will be notified by email of changes if this occurs.)

For Other Uses Not Covered Above:
5. Contact us for permission BEFORE implementing any other use.
These will be considered on their merits on a case by case basis.
You agree to our decision on the implementation of each case.

User accounts found violating this agreement will be immediately deactivated and/or terminated. Please contact us ASAP to report any violations so we can check into them.


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