Lets you search your plugin and theme files for keywords from the editor screens. A 3rd party plugin bugfixers dream.

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Broken plugin? Broken theme? Bizarre error messages? How to find the problem? Track it down fast with PATSEE, the Plugin and Theme Search Engine Editor.

** "Every good set up deserves a PATSEE..!" **

Lets you search your plugin and theme files for keywords from the editor screens! A 3rd party developer and bugfixers dream... find and squash those pesty bugs.


  • Directory navigation for the plugin and theme editor screens!
  • Active and inactive plugins are now grouped in the selector
  • You can now search (but not edit) Wordpress Core files too
  • Works with Multisite (access from network/plugins.php etc.)

[PATSEE Home] (https://pluginreview.net/wordpress-plugins/patsee/)


  • Search for any keyword or phrase
  • Search all, individual or multiple-select plugins!
  • Search all active, inactive or update-available plugins
  • Search all installed themes or a single themes files
  • Search root, wp-includes or wp-admin files or subdirectories
  • Case sensitive or insensitive matching


  • Highlighted results for every occurrence
  • Files and line numbers linked to file editor page
  • Snipped but expandable long results lines


  • Option to save last searched keyword/plugin/theme
  • Add to the default Wordpress editable plugin file extensions
  • Choose which file extensions not to search through


  • Adds directory navigation for plugin and theme files
  • Shows Plugin/Theme files not editable/listed by Wordpress
  • Javascript jump to line and find in code on editor screen

[PATSEE Home] (https://pluginreview.net/wordpress-plugins/patsee/)

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Where is the search interface?

When the plugin is activated, the search interfaces are available: The Plugin search interface is at the top of the Plugins -> Editor page. The Theme search interface is at the top of the Appearance -> Editor page. The Wordpress Core search interface is at the top of the Dashboard -> Updates page.

Where are the plugin settings?

There are some minimal options for this plugin so they are available after searching. After performing a search (see above) the PATSEE sidebar will appear on the right. Click on Plugin Options at the top of the search sidebar to change available options.

How can I edit files with unsupported extensions?

By default Wordpress limits the editable extensions for files in the inbuilt editor. The default extensions are: php, txt, text, js, css, html, htm, xml, inc, include If you want to change which files extensions you can edit you can do so this way:

Perform a search from an editor page and the PATSEE plugin sidebar will appear. Click on Plugin Options and you will see a list of editable extensions. Add the extensions (comma separated) that you want to the list and click Save. Files with these extensions should now be editable with the Wordpress internal editor.

How can I change what is not searched?

By default PATSEE will not search through most common media file extensions: zip, jpg, gif, png, bmp, svg, psd, mp3, wma, m4a, wmv, mpg, mkv, avi, mp4, flv, swf If there are other file extensions you want to ignore, you can add them this way:

Perform a search from an editor page and the PATSEE plugin sidebar will appear. Click on Plugin Options and you will see a list of editable extensions. Add the file extensions (comma separated) here to not search, and click Save.

How can I speed up the search?

If your search is taking too long or timing out, generally it is because you are searching through too many plugins at once (eg. ALL) so you might need to narrow your search by using the multi-select option and searching through half or a third of your plugins at once. Also, you might want to check you server's maximum execution time limit for scripts and increase that if it is too low.

The scroll to line feature is not working properly for me?

This feature is thanks to Andrew Buckman's Wordpress Editor Search: http://www.theoneandtheonly.com/wordpress-editor-search/ A number of alternatives were tested and this one worked the best at the time, however there is no foolproof way to scroll to a specific line inside a normal textarea that works in all browsers. If the line is not scrolled to automatically, you can simply click on the pre-filled 'Find in Text' to search for the occurence inside the text area.

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  • Added directory selection for plugin files
  • Added all active/inactive plugin search
  • Added update available plugin search
  • Added some styling to select boxes
  • Added more core path options to core search
  • Added * to mark update available plugins
  • Added time limit adjustment for searches
  • Added modified copy of theme-editor.php
    • to allow changing of editable extensions
    • also to allow theme directory selection
  • Added magnifying glass icon to search bar
  • Grouped active/inactive plugins in select
  • Grouped current/inactive themes in select
  • Improved Styling on search display screen
  • Fix for repeat multiple plugin searches
  • Fix to view unlisted plugin file
  • Fix to show plugin unlisted files
  • Fix to subsubdirectory recursion listing


  • Fix to Default Editable Extensions (again)
  • Fix to Plugin File Editor Links


  • Added Multisite support
  • Added Wordpress Core file search
  • Added unlisted files display
  • Fixed adding of editable extensions
  • Fixed parent/child theme selection bug
  • Minor display bugfixes


  • Public release version.


  • Pre release version.


  • Unreleased version.


  • Development version.
[/wptab][wptab name="Installation"]
  1. Upload patsee.zip via the Wordpress plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. The search menus are added to the Plugin Editor and Theme Editor.
  4. Core search is available via the Updates page.


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