Allows you to "bulk create" product entries for WP eStore. This is a simple but effective solution. (If you are a developer, advanced setup may be required for end user, see note.)
1. Enter your default product option values for creating products.
2. Select which fields to display in the bulk add form and Save.
3. Enter the number of Products you want to Add and Load the Form.
(You also have the option to add all created products to the same category(s)
you choose or choose to pick the categories for each product individually.)
4. Enter the information for each field you decided to display.

Note: You can check you have the right default option values by creating a test product with your chosen defaults through the main eStore Add Product form, and then checking these default values in your database tables: the column headings match the field names. That is the only tricky part - once that is set up it is a lightning fast way to easily add to your eStore inventory.
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Also available soon from the WordPress.Org repository...


= 1.0.5 =
  • Added Helper Text for Table Keys
  • Improved Bulk Add Form Interface

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