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WP-Seventag1.4.11002      274

This plugin integrates your WordPress site with 7tag, allowing you to add the 7tag container code to your website with just a few clicks via your WordPress Dashboard. 7tag - The easy-to-use tag manag...

Free Tag Management System from Mezzobit1.01005      860

Download the Internet's most powerful free tag management system, now used by more than 1,000 sites, and manage your site's JavaScript data

User Tags1.2.6 9811    2909

Adds an admin option to allow creating User Taxonomy and create tags for different taxonomies.

WP Smart Taxonomy1.1.0 864     1114

A cool new Wordpress plugin that helps you to make smart collection of posts.

SF Generate Tags1.4.11002     1148

Generate tags for posts from images or/and post text.

Tag Generator0.1.3.7 628     4927

Donate link:

WP Full Auto Tags Manager2.2 743     3186

WP Full Auto Tags Manager automatically generate tags for all your blog posts.

WP Auto Tagging2.0 608     9470

WP Auto Tagging is a free Wordpress plugin to automatically add tags for Wordpress posts. Please note that Plugin is under construction and it is its first release. I will keep it updating with passag...

tags.mowster1.71 602     3585

Tags suggestions using YQL Yahoo Content Analysis API.

WP MediaTagger4.0.9 8810   19124

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Media Tags3.2.0.2 9217   76773

Simple Tags2.4.6 7621 1690871

Requires PHP: 5.6 TaxoPress enables you to manage Tags, Categories and all your WordPress taxonomy terms.


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