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WPBatch simple Slider1.0 8610     738

Sometimes, we find a very simple but gorgeous slider plugin.. but we fail to find one.. Hopefully this plugin will solve your problem.. cheers!!

WPBatch Awesome Slider1.01006      461

Simple Plugin but unique and awesome slider.. very easy to use.. give it a try

SC BXSlider2.1.0 602      478

A simple slideshow/carousel plugin based on BX Slider

Seamless Slider0.4.3 602      702

Secure, fast, customizable.

Jeba Cute Slider1.01003     1060

Jeba Cute Slider is an awesome slider, super lightweight plugin for your wordpress website post slider.

WP Multi Slider1.0 602     1114

Multi slider is an awesome awesome and awesome, super lightweight plugin for your wordpress website. By installing this plugin you will get 4 types aw

Impressive Slider Made Easy1.21002     1312

Impressive image slider with powerfull features using jQuery Jssor Slider.

Visual Slide Box Builder1.3.4 9080   62233

Fancy jQuery and CSS3 driven animations to display inside a box. No coding experience needed - WYSIWYG

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Seo Carousel Slider1.4 808     6718

Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider, Just install and build slider in a few minutes, It allows you t

Nemus Slider1.2.3 9613   11980

Nemus Slider is a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin.

Numix Post Slider1.0.2 8612   12128

Numix Post Slider is a variable width images carousel plugin. Simple and lightweight, built with native WordPress functionality.

Rift Slider1.1.19 685     5124

Rift Slider is an awesome response slider which splits and rotates your slides.

Image Slider1.6.2 9212   16514

Image Slider displays JPG, PNG, and GIF files in a scrolling carousel. Custom colors, captions, fonts, and animations. Use as a widget or shortcode.

Text Slider1.0.0 9018   25636

Add a reponsive text slideshow to your site quickly and easily. Embed in any post/page using shortcode [text-slider] or in your theme <?php text_slider(); ?> A creative way to display key sal...

Slider SEO1.2.2 602     3225

Slider SEO is a SEO friendly slider that focus on helping your website get indexed by search engines thus allowing more traffics to come. This slider is 100% responsive with full support mobile device...

WP 3D SLICEBOX SLIDER1.0.1 602     3393

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Simple Slideshow Manager2.2 8845   79617

Simply the best Responsive Slideshow Plugin, Where you can have unlimited slideshow's, Display slideshow using Widget, Shortcodes, PHP Code.

Slider by Supsystic1.6.8 9285  156109

Responsive Slider by Supsystic - the ultimate slideshow solution. Build image, video and content sliders with professional slider / slideshow template

Infinite Slider2.0.1 706    12054

Web users are starting to get bored by the currently prevailing trend of one huge image at the top of the website usually followed by a couple of more slides if the user waits enough! They usually don...

Super Hero Slider1.5.1 804     8651

Requires PHP: 5.2 Donate link: Create cool slideshows easily and quickly

Slider1.1 8414   30610

Slider plugin saves your hours of precious time by making slideshow & image slider creation process super easy and simple.

WordPress Thumbnail Slider1.3 8024   57464

License:GPLv2 or later License URI:

Slider1.6.2 964     9824

Create image slideshows, powerful call-to-action banners, sliding video galleries, event sliders, and more.

Slideshow Satellite2.4 9223   56914

So Responsive! So Customizable! So Modern! Build Slideshows, Flipbooks, and do Infinite Scrolls with Slideshow Satellite.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Simple Content Slider / Slideshow1.0.2 564    10625

A simple and responsive content slider and slideshow plug-in for jQuery with features like touch and CSS3 transitions.

Nivo Slider Lite1.0.5 664    10963

Requires PHP: 5.3 Nivo Slider is The Most Popular And Easiest to Use Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin.

Light Full Screen Slider1.1.01002     5785

Light weight Full Screen "slide show" plugin build with clean and bloat-less code. Only 13kb in size including everything.

Total Slider2.0.1 729    26115

Transform your experience with sliders forever. A beautiful, true WYSIWYG interface designed to blend seamlessly with the WordPress core.

WP Smart Flexslider1.1 685    14908

This is Bootstrap Flex Slider plugin. Its used for Bootstrap and Non Bootstrap themes

Simple Responsive Slider0.2.2.5 9022   67271

Put a simple, lightweight and responsive slider on your site.

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider2.9.9 9484  281751

Responsive image slider plugin is best and most popular plugin. Make slide show of photos, images, albums, portfolio and gallery image into responsive

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Twitter Bootstrap Slider1.1.31002     7245

Add a responsive image slider to your pages based on Twitter's Bootstrap's Carousel component.

Image Slider Responsive2.1.0 602     7750

A WordPress Image slider based on FlexSlider to display image slider on post, page or theme.

WPNewCarousels1.8 964    16012

This plugin is used to create the responsive carousel that can be inserted to any wordpress page/post. This plugin also support Wordpress Multisite se

Master Slider - Responsive Touch Slider2.9.5 84140 579043

Demo sliders | Features | Documentation | Video tutorials | Support forum Overview Master Slider is a free responsive image and content slider with super smooth hardware acce...

Portfolio Slideshow1.12.0 8082  391875

Requires PHP: 5.6 Build elegant slideshows in seconds.

Meteor Slides1.5.6 94124 596351

Easily create responsive slideshows with WordPress that are mobile friendly and simple to customize.

Slideshow CK1.0.181003    14673

Slideshow CK is a responsive slideshow plugin that shows your images with nice effects.

WP Slider Plugin1.4.5 8236  176826

WordPress Slider Plugin is a beautifully designed and an elegant plugin. It's simple, very easy to use, modern and responsive slider plugin.

Wp anything slider8.0 846    29804

Wp anything slider plugin let you to create the sliding slideshow into your posts & pages. In admin we have Tiny MCE editor to add the content.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Slider3.2.2 862771541662

Slider Huge-IT is an awesome Plugin with many nice features. Just need to install and build slider in a few minutes.

MK Slider1.3.4 863    17087

Wordpress Slider for posts & pages. Supports shortcode and sidebar widget to display slideshow.

SH Slideshow4.3 604    24827

Slideshow banner with different effects which is using jQuery Cycle Plugin. Simply for normal users and advanced users.

Slider1.1.69 90119 764570

Slider by 10Web plugin is the perfect slider solution for Wordpress. Create a great responsive slideshow, image slider, layer slider, video slider and

WordPress Easy Slides1.4 804    26815

Wordpress Easy Slides will generate a slides show section in wordpress page.It is a lightweight plugin to make the pages Lively and colorful.

Slider Ultimate1.0.101004    28101

License URI: Add a responsive slider to any page via shortcode. Multiple slide effects. Product catalog and W

Weaver Show Sliders1.4.81006    42411

Smooth Slider2.8.6 8068  635095

Free WordPress Slider Plugin to Create Image Slider, Post Slider, Content Slider, Video Slideshow with Responsive Design

WordPress Slider Plugin - WP 1 Slider1.1.51003    29209

An ultimate WordPress slider Plugin | Many layout | Many useful features | Many configuration options | Easy to use!

Image slider with description8.0 743    29653

Not only images this slideshow have images, title and description. some of your most requested features all rolled into one.

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Nivo Image Slider1.4.11003    31354

A WordPress Image slider based on Nivo Slider to display image slider on post, page or theme. It's an easy, simple & responsive slider, which looks awesome in every single theme. Features Fully...

Meta Slider3.4.1 963544261997

Easy to use WordPress slider plugin. Create SEO-optimized responsive slideshows with Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides.

Fancy Slideshows2.4.41002    70385

Include beautiful slideshows on your website in an instance Multiple slide sources, including images, posts, pages and links Include slideshows as multi-widgets or in any page or post using shortcod...

Slider1.1.90 6421  842581

Slider - The best and very easy slider plugin for your post, page or sidebar. 100% Responsive.