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SM CPT Sidebar Widget Displays1.0.21003      871

Enables widgets that display multiple posts or CPTs (custom post types) in any sidebar, perfect for testimonials, provided by

Off-Canvas Sidebars0.3.1.11004     1440

Add off-canvas sidebars (Slidebars) containing widgets, menus or other content using the Slidebars jQuery plugin.

Multisite Shared Sidebar1.21003     1641

This plugin allows a sidebar to be shared between blogs on a multisite.

Multiple Sidebar Generator1.1.11003     1813

Easily assign custom, widget-enabled sidebars to any page.

Unlimited Page Sidebars0.2.21003     2282

Donate link:

NS Slidebar - Sliding Panel Sidebar1.0.0 904     5534

Add a dynamic slide out sidebar panel to any theme with built-in site search and a widget area.

Popping Sidebars and Widgets Light1.9 664     6971

Create custom popping layouts with sidebars and widgets in just a few clicks.

WP Dynamic Sidebar1.0.5 965    14018

Allows you to create widget areas easily and dynamically. You also can use shortcodes for each widget in posts or pages.

Per Page Sidebars2.0.2 8410   56472

The Per Page Sidebars (PPS) plugin allows blog administrators to create a unique sidebar for each Page. No template editing is required.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
video-sidebar-widget1.0.0.31003    17314

Simple Page Sidebars1.2.0 9646  267392

Designed for simplicity and flexibility, Simple Page Sidebars gives WordPress users, designers, and developers the ability to assign custom sidebars to individual pages--without making any template ch...

Stag Custom Sidebars1.21007    42477

Create custom dynamic sidebars and use anywhere with shortcodes.

Widget or Sidebar Shortcode0.6.11002    13209

Use widgets or sidebars per shortcode in the content area from pages/posts

Multiple Sidebars1.3.0 888    56090

A wonderful plugin to easily create many custom sidebars. These sidebars can then select in the creation of a post / page / custom post type / categor

WooSidebars1.4.5 8040 1864625

WooSidebars adds functionality to display different widgets in a sidebar, according to a context (for example, a specific page or a category).

SMK Sidebar Generator3.11003   159853

This plugin generates as many sidebars as you need. Then allows you to place them on any page you wish.


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