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Plugin Sample Shortcode1.0.11003      230

Plugin Sample Shortcode is a tutorial to create a shoortcode plugin.

If Shortcode0.2.11007     1318

Donate Link: This plugin provides an "if" shortcode

WordPress Shortcode-Helper1.41007     1917

Make your shortcodes easy to use for everyone. Doesn't matter how many or how complex they are.

Shortcode Variables1.7.3 989     2876

Requires PHP: 7.2 Donate Link: Create your own shortcodes and assign text, html, etc to them. Use these across your sit

User Status Shortcode0.1.11004     1592

Easily allows you to display different content to your visitors that are logged in than those that are logged out via shortcode.

Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere1.4.21009     7564

Allows Shortcodes to be used nearly everywhere, not just in posts and pages.

User Shortcodes1.0.110010    9691

Add a simple list of shortcodes to WordPress in order to display the current user information.

Password Content ShortCode2.2 845     6942

Plugin Password Content ShortCode allows you to take the password selection WordPress page content.

Page/Post Content Shortcode1.01002     2779

Import content from another page/post with a shortcode.

Widgets as Shortcodes1.5 743     4882

Use WordPress default widgets as shortcodes. Nice and easy interface. Insert anywhere in your site - page/post editor, sidebars, template files.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WordPress Widgets Shortcode1.0.3 887    11636

Embed any widget area/dynamic sidebar to your pages/posts using the shortcode [dynamic-sidebar id='Your Widget Area/Sidebar name']

My Shortcodes2.3 9013   24407

Allows you to add custom code as a shortcode to be used within your pages or posts.

User Access Shortcodes2.1.1 965    10113

The simplest way of controlling who sees what in your posts/pages. Restrict content to logged in users only (or guests, or by roles) with simple short

Shortcoder3.4.1 9239   92408

Shortcoder is a plugin which allows to create a custom shortcode and store HTML, Javascript and other snippets in it. So if that shortcode is used in any post or pages, then the code stored in the sho...

Post Content Shortcodes0.5.610024   63078

Adds shortcodes to display the content of a post or a list of posts.

Shortcodes AnyWhere1.0.11002     6237

Enable the usage of shortcodes almost any where on your website

Widget Shortcode0.3.0 9837  181244

Adds [widget] shortcode which enables you to output widgets anywhere you like.

Widget or Sidebar Shortcode0.6.11002    13209

Use widgets or sidebars per shortcode in the content area from pages/posts


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