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RS ADVANCED SEARCH1.0.51003      553

RS Advanced Search will add a support for advanced search. You can expand your search to search within different taxonomies or within only some. This plugin is light, fast and coded with best practice...

GNA Search Shortcode0.9.51002      422

[searchform] shortcodes with any post, page and widget. Shortcode Attributes:

searchIQ - The Search Solution1.4.17 9829    9837

Our FREE plugin makes your website’s search fast and more relevant. searchIQ helps you to manage content more effectively with real-time analytics.

Lift: Search for WordPress1.9.131005     2875

Improves WordPress search using Amazon CloudSearch.

WP User Listing and Searching1.0 564     2729

You can create wordpress user listing on front page. A search functionality will give your visitor more comfort in finding any user. Visitor can also

gee Search Plus, improved WordPress search1.4.4 9414   10528

Extends WordPress search engine to taxonomies, custom fields and media, sorts results by relevance or date, and more. Simple and clean!

WP Extended Search1.1.2 9615   11378

Extend search functionality to search in selected post meta, taxonomies, post types, and all authors.

search-into-subcategories1.0.11002     1819

Text Domain: search-into-subcategories Search-Into-Subcategories plugin allows you to make a select-search shortcode for your own categories.

WP Live Search0.9 943     3453

WP Live Search (beta) is a search plugin for WordPress that returns results as the user types for what they are looking. It currently supports posts, pages, post types, including multiple post types, ...

Search by WP Search1.0 604     4766

The WP Search plugin replaces WordPress search with a better search that is fully customizable via the dashboard, API, filters and action hooks.

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Search Manager Lite1.31004     5037

Search Manager Lite allows you to enhance WordPress and WooCommerce search with the ability to search by extra fields like comments, excerpt, SKU etc.

Ultimate WP Query Search Filter1.0.10 8847   60097

Ultimate WP Query Search Filter lets you filter searches through post types, taxonomies and meta fields. Results displayed via search template or Ajax

Search Live1.5.01006     7710

Donate Link: Search Live supplies integrated live search facilities and advanced search features.

OpenSearchServer Search1.5.10 845     6557

The OpenSearchServer Search Plugin enables OpenSearchServer full-text search in WordPress-based websites.

Search & Filter1.2.9 9697  132125

Search and Filtering for Custom Posts, Categories, Tags, Taxonomies, Post Dates and Post Types

WPCS ( Wordpress Custom Search )1.1 943     5484

SearchWP Live Ajax Search1.1.8 9814   27752

Template powered live search for any WordPress theme. Does not require SearchWP, but will utilize it if available.

Multisite Global Search1.2.12 6811   22515

Adds the ability to search through blogs into your WordPress Multisite installation.

Search shortcode1.0 925    10958

Provides a [search] shortcode to insert search form in content.

WP Ultimate Search2.0.3 8220   50961

Powerful AJAX-based search alternative which supports faceting queries by taxonomies, terms, location, and post metadata.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WP Google Search1.0.7 9022   93996

This plugin gives a very simple way to integrate Google Search into your WordPress site.

Swiftype Search1.1.48 7620   90446

The Swiftype Search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with a better, more relevant search engine. It also gives you detailed insight into what your users are searching for, so you know whi...

Search Regex1.4.16 9648  217558

Requires PHP: 5.6 Search Regex adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress posts, pages, custom post types, and other data.

Search Everything8.1.6 8865 1015570

Search Everything increases WordPress' default search functionality in three easy steps.

Google Custom Search1.3.6 943   111206

This plugin uses Google's Search Engine to search your site's contents! You can also configure it through google to search multiple sites/do


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