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Preview Blog Draft1.3.6 902      564

Let visitors can see the title of your draft post and content of "Coming Soon!"

WP-Post-Meta-Revisions0.2.21003     1532

Allow selected post meta keys to be tracked in revisions.

Simple Revisions Delete1.4.710018   13519

WP Revisions Control1.2.1 804     4619

Requires PHP: 5.6 Control how many revisions are stored for each post type.

WP-DraftsForFriends1.0.21005     6066

This plugin will generate a unique link that you can send to your friends to allow them to preview your draft before they are published. You are able to set the expiry for the link as well. Modified ...

WP Revisions Limit1.31003     3645

Keep your WordPress fast and your database clean! WordPress 3.6 allows users to control how many revisions are stored for each supported post type. This plugin provides an interface for this new func...

Draft List2.3.21003     4660

Manage and promote your drafts and scheduled posts and pages.

Quick Drafts Access2.2.11005     9880

Adds links to 'All Drafts' and 'My Drafts' under Posts, Pages, and other custom post type sections in the admin menu.

Thin Out Revisions1.8.310014   32159

Enables flexible revision management for you.

Limit Post Revisions Network Option4.61002     4989

A Multisite Network plugin to add Network Admin->Settings to limit, or disable, the number of post revisions and set the post autosave interval.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Revisionary1.1.13 8214   39000

PublishPress Revisions gives you control over updating published content. Users can duplicate posts and submit changes. You can approve, reject or sch

WP Document Revisions2.0.0 7022   85205

Revision Control2.3.2 9028  424279

Revision Control allows finer control over the Post Revision system included with WordPress


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