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Spot view Cron Job1.0.01002      246

This plugin registers a shortcode .You can add shortcode [veteranlogix_cron_job] to any page to view list of all scheduled crons on your wordpress website .This plugin also adds a page on wordpress ba...

WP Delay Cron0.0.61004      690

Prevent cron from running every time a page is viewed. Good for high traffic sites.

MultiSite System Cron1.01002      756

For WordPress MultiSite installs, allows accurate and private system crontab requests instead of classic WP-Cron.

Cronjob Scheduler1.21 8810   11231

Plugin URI: Cronjob Scheduler allows you to automate regular tasks and actions within your WordPres

Improved Cron1.3.31004     4599

Keep WP-Cron running every minute for scheduled tasks without actually using Cron.

Debug Bar Cron0.1.21003    79948

Debug Bar Cron adds a new panel to Debug Bar that displays information about WP scheduled events.


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