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Version: 1.1

Add a mobile friendly fluid width Facebook like box with an easy to use widget or shortcode

Finally! An easy to use, mobile friendly Facebook like box

This easy to use widget or shortcode generates an fluid width Facebook like box so you'll never again have to mess with exact widths.

The like box will simply take up as much space as you give it - perfect for variable width sidebars or any mobile/tablet website!

The widget is recommended for ease of use but if you need the shortcode please see FAQ for usage.

Part of the Marketer WordPress business theme - see a live preview here (resize the screen to see the awesome responsiveness!)

How is this different from other like boxes?

Besides being easy to use, this like box functionality has fluid width - highly useful in this day off responsive websites

How do I use the shortcodes?

You should use the widget 99% of cases. If you need the like box in a non-widgetized area here is an example: [fb-box id="117017735039638" pagename="marketertheme" show_faces="true" stream="false" header="false" height=“200” border="false"]

*id and pagename are required *defaults are shown if they haven't been set

How do I find my facebook page id?

Easiest way is to edit your facebook page and you'll find id=############ in your url. Copy and paste just the numbers.

1.1 Added height option Fixed border default to none

1.0 Initial Release

  1. Upload facebook-like-box-responsive to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go to widgets or add via shortcode

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2



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