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Older/Newer Posts Widget1.0.11002      382

Get and show older/newer posts of the current post.

WPLB Widget Total1.0.01002      383

A collection of widgets for displaying Custom post, Custom taxonomy, Image with upload button, Video (YouTube, Vimeo), Facebook like box and more…

Simple Page Hierarchy Widget1.0.31004      843

Displays the most logical arrangement of Parent, Child, & Grandchild pages.

tg29359 taxonomy widget0.0.81002      499

Displays a list or dropdown of taxonomies in a sidebar widget.

Recent Archive More Widget1.11002      510

Shows Post of a category not listed in the category content on a sidebar when the category is viewed.

Taxonomy Term Widget2.21004     1061

Add advanced widget to your wordpress blog,like an extension of Categories widget.

News In Stack Widget1.3.11004     1112

Just another recent post widget. Simple but flexible.

SM CPT Sidebar Widget Displays1.0.21003      871

Enables widgets that display multiple posts or CPTs (custom post types) in any sidebar, perfect for testimonials, provided by

Flynsarmy Subcategory List Widget1.2 764     1606

Adds a widget that can displays subcategories of a given category (or top level).

Latest Posts Widget1.11002      827

List the lastest posts from a category.

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Post-Specific Comments Widget (PSCW)1.2.3 743     1521

A widget that displays recent comments from a specific post or page ID. Display format is highly customizable with shortcodes and unique CSS tags.

Vi Random Post Widget1.0.3 804     2316

Display Your Post With Highly Customising Options Using Widget and Shortcode

NS Widget Recent Comments1.21003     1911

This is a widget that let you show the latest comments from your WordPress Blog in a Sidebar area with comments author's avatars.

Author Widget2.01002     1508

Show your Blog author list in Cool Styles & more features

Posts Order Widget2.0.3 804     3331

Add the ability to sort the posts by context rather than descending date.

NS Category Widget2.0.2 869     9057

A plugin to add widget for listing Categories and Taxonomies. Extending Default Wordpress Category Widget.

ThemeLoom Widgets1.8.21002     3246

A set of useful widgets created for adding more fluid content to any theme. Includes widgets for showing posts, pages, as well as Facebook and Twitter

Posts By Category Widget1.0.41002     3579

A simple, themeable widget which displays posts in the category, order, and quantity of your choosing.

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Post Widget1.0 743     5610

Post Widget to display recent posts.

Page List Widget1.2.31003     5829

This is a widget plugin. This widget will display a list of posts/pages.

Tag Cloud Widget1.0.0 602     3917

A tag cloud widget with links to your tag pages

Recent Posts by Category Widget1.3 9412   23957

Just like the default Recent Posts widget except you can choose a category to pull posts from.

Smart Posts Widget1.0 602     4254

Adds a widget that shows most all type of posts from wordpress. Its shows Recent post, Random posts, Category wise posts, Tag wise posts. widget is co

Royal Recent Posts Widget by Category1.11002     4461

A simple widget for Recent Posts by Category.

Widgetize Navigation Menu1.03 7014   34082

Allows you to add any widget to your navigation’s drop-down menus with an easy to use interface. Comes with four custom widgets.

WPML Widgets1.0.6 9833   82649

WPML Widgets is a simple to use extension to add a language selector dropdown to your widgets.

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Posts from a Category Widget1.2.01005    14795

Displays post from a selected category with post thumbnail.

WP Custom Widget area1.2.5 9418   56089

A very simple way to create a custom widget area, sidebars and menu locations for your wordpress site.

RSS Feed Widget2.4 7415   50357

RSS Feed Widget with customizable slider. Feed title, description, image and many other things which you can control.

Ultimate Posts Widget2.0.6 9249  176198

The ultimate widget for displaying posts, custom post types or sticky posts with an array of options.

WP Editor Widget0.5.5 9015   55292

WP Editor Widget adds a rich text widget where the content is edited using the standard WordPress visual editor.

TW Recent Posts Widget1.0.5 8816   61944

A simple and flexible widget for WordPress which will show recent posts from selected category allowing increased customization to display recent post

Random Post for Widget3.1 902     8262

This simple plugin is a widget that displays a list of random posts on your sidebar. You can exclude certain posts by ID.

Simple Music Widget1.41007    30285

Simple Music Widget creates a widget that can be used to display a music player with details.

Widgets for SiteOrigin1.3.2 9217   82270

A collection of highly customizable and thoughtfully crafted widgets. Built on top of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle.

Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget2.7.2 9445  224748

This plugin aims to be the most configurable tag cloud widget out there, able to suit all your weird tag cloud needs.

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PROPER Widgets1.0.21002    10580

Creates easy-to-use, helpful widgets

Recent Posts Widget Extended0.9.9.6 96120 637224

Provides flexible and advanced recent posts. Display it via shortcode or widget with thumbnails, post excerpt, taxonomy and more.

Widgets Reloaded0.6.0 9010   53386

Replaces many of the default widgets with versions that allow much more control. Widgets come with highly customizable control panels.

Responsive Column Widgets1.2.6 8019  101647

Creates a custom responsive column widget box.

Shortcode Widget1.2 9618   96399

Adds a text-like widget that allows you to write shortcode in it.

Ultimate Widgets Light1.5.9.4 9210   55640

Ultimate Widgets includes several widgets/shortcodes with a style unique covering many different things you may need to add to your website.

Static Random Posts2.1.0 602    11189

Allows the display of random posts as a widget, but allows the admin to determine how often the random posts are refreshed.

WP Canvas - Widgets1.71003    18196

Add much needed widgets to your blog. Pinterest Widget, About Me Widget, Image Widget.

Simple Google Calendar Widget0.7 604    29034

Displays events from a public Google Calendar as a sidebar widget.

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Widget Pack1.21002    16840

Widget Pack is a WordPress plugin that enables essential, yet powerful features for your website.