Description: A Related Posts plugin that is easy-to-use & highly customizable. Display list of related posts by tags & categories, let you decide number of related posts and select displaying content. Come together with two ready-built themes for your use! Features include: Display related posts under posts with similar tags and categories Custom number of related posts to display Custom title, text size, and text color Select content to display for each related post: post title, post thumbnail, author, create date, excerpts, and button Read More Two ready-built themes for your use: Related posts with text-only and with thumbnail. Related post slider: customizable number of posts visible at once User can custom style for related posts Upcoming features: Responsive design Related custom post types Support widget Custom post excerpts length And more... This plugin shows the related posts under a post content according to the categories assigned to the current viewed post. This is a very light plugin which loads very fast and compatible with all themes. Features Lightweight plugin Shows posts according to the categories. Compatible with all theme designs. Can control the number of posts to be displayed. Add related posts to your article is very simple. Choose your favourite layout from Setting/Related post Mwip. Create an article and enable related posts section choosing your favourite posts....Add related posts to your article is very simple. Choose your favourite layout from Setting/Related post Mwip. Create an article and enable related posts section choosing your favourite posts.Increase your visitors engagement by providing them with related articles from your website. VRP uses tags to find related posts and then displays them according to your conditions. Being responsive, it will automatically adjust to your layout. So you can insert VRP anywhere in your template Features vertically display related posts choose a title for the VRP section choose how many posts to be displayed (both globally and as per post) choose the size of the featured image (based on WP sizes) fill with random posts if available posts aren't enough (posts with no tags in common) choose what to display (title/featured image/excerpt) choose the post types on which VRP are displayed CSS tags for customization Just install, activate and add the code into your template. If you have any suggestions/requests, don't hesitate to contact me at corneliucirlan@gmail.comThis plugin provides similar posts title to prevent duplicate post title and publish unique post title when adding new post in admin area. When you insert your post title, similar post title will be shown under post title input.Best way to increase pageviews for wordpress website. Engage your users by clicking on related articles which are showed after reading the article. Easy to install and use, WP Float Relate Posts is the best way to customize popup box with related content. Nifty Related Posts adds related posts by category to the bottom of your post template. Includes options for thumbnail size and alignment, excerpt length, related posts per page, and more. Minimal styling and disable CSS option to fit with your theme.Related Posts for WordPress Related Posts for WordPress offers you the ability to link related posts to each other with just 1 click! Our installation wizard will do all the hard work for you, simply activate the plugin, set the amount of posts that should relate and press the button. Related Posts for WordPress will do the rest. Relating posts in WordPress has never been this easy! Related Posts for WordPress Premium There's an even better version of this plugin that comes with the following extra features: Full Styling Control With Our Configurator Cross Custom Post Type Support Overwritable templates Custom Taxonomy Support Adjustable Weights WordPress Network / Multisite support Keep manually created links Priority Email Support More information | Upgrade >> Related Posts for WordPress won't lag your server! We believe having related posts shouldn't slow down your website. That's why Related Posts for WordPress creates its own cache and does all the heavy lifting in the admin panel, offering you quality related posts while keeping your website fast! Automatically link posts to each other After installing the plugin you will be taking to a wizard that will analyze your posts and link them to each other based on what we think is related. This means you can install Related Posts for WordPress on your website that has thousands of posts and create related connections on the fly, without any manual work! Manually add, edit or remove Everyone makes mistakes, so do we. That's why you can easily modify all automatically created related posts. Simply navigate to the post that has incorrect related posts attached to it, select the correct related post and you're done. Shortcode Related Posts for WordPress has a related post shortcode allowing you to display related posts on any position within your content. Widget Related Posts for Wordpress has a related post widget allowing you to display related posts in any sidebar you'd like. More information Visit the Related Posts for WordPress website Other WordPress plugins by Barry Kooij Contact Barry on Twitter: @CageNL If you're a dev, follow or contribute to the Related Posts for WordPress plugin on GitHub Super Simple Related Posts gives you both a widget and a shortcode to output lists of posts related to the current post. You get to decide how the posts are related (categories, tags, custom taxonomies), what to show (posts, pages, custom post types), and a whole lot more. The widget is configurable via Appearance > Settings and more info on shortcode usage is provided below. A MIGHTYminnow plugin. Features There are tons of related posts plugins out there - here's why Super Simple Related Posts is special: Speed Unlike other related posts plugins, Super Simple Related Posts is super fast. It doesn't run resource-intensive algorithms on your database and it doesn't bog down your server. If you're looking for a plugin that'll run through all your content and match related posts word-for-word, there are plenty of good ones out there. If you're looking for a simple, lightning-fast related posts plugin, you're in the right place. Simplicity As it's name implies, Super Simple Related Posts keeps things as straightforward as possible. This means that you get a simple widget with easily configurable settings to let you do what you gotta' do. Settings Whether you use widgets or shortcodes, you can easily configure Super Simple Related Posts with the following settings. These settings are directly configurable in each widget, and can also be controlled with attributes when using shortcodes (for more on shortcode settings, see the "Shortcode" section below). Title The title of your widget. Hide Title Give you the ability to hide the widget title, particularly useful when using the shortcode. Post Types The post types you would like to output, and the order in which you want to display them. This works great with all custom post types.Note: you must specify at least one post type, otherwise no content will be output. Show Posts Related By Choose the method by which you want to show related posts. You can choose categories, tags, or any custom taxonomy. This field automatically populates with all available possibilities. Order By The criteria by which to order the related posts (e.g., title, date created, author, date modified, etc). Order Ascending or descending - take your pick. Number of Posts The total number of posts you would like to show in each section. What to do if there are no related posts Choose how you would like to handle the situations in which no posts are found. Either hide the contents or display a custom message. Headings Options to link and/or hide post type and category/tag/taxonomy headings. Before/After HTML A handy feature to let you add custom HTML before and after the widget, in case you want any intro or concluding text. Shortcode In addition to using SSRP widgets, you can also use the [ssrp] shortcode. Here's an example: [ssrp title="My Related Posts" post_types="post, page" number_of_posts="3"] Here is a list of the available shortcode attributes, which correlate to the settings listed above. Each attribute is listed along with its potential values in quotations, and any default values are listed in parenthesis. title="Any Text" (Related Posts) hide_title="1" post_types="Comma-separated list of post type slugs, in order. E.g. post, page" taxonomy="Taxonomy slug by which to detemine relatedness. E.g. tag" (category) orderby="title|name|date|modified|menu_order|author|ID|parent|rand|comment_count" (date) order="ASC|DESC" (DESC) number_of_posts="Any number" (-1, unlimited) include_featured_image="1" exclude_duplicates="1" no_posts_action="hide|message" (hide) no_posts_message="Any text" (No posts found) post_heading_links="1" hide_post_type_headings="1" term_heading_links="1" hide_term_headings="1" before_HTML="Any HTML/text" after_HTML="Any HTML/text" Filters Super Simple Related Posts also provides you with a handy set of filters you can use for your own development and customization: ssrp_post_title( $post_title, $post_id ) Applied to the title of each related post, within the surrounding <a></a> tags. ssrp_post_link( $post_link, $post_id ) Applied to the linked title of each related post, outside the surrounding <a></a> tags. This is useful for adding a prefix/font-icon before the linked title. ssrp_posts_list( $post_ul, $post_type_object, $taxonomy_term_object ) Applied to the <ul> lists of related posts for a given custom post type and category/tag/taxonomy. ssrp_taxonomy_term_heading( $taxonomy_term_name, $taxonomy_term_object ) Applied to the category/tag/taxonomy term headings, within the surrounding <a></a> tags if the headings are set to be linked. ssrp_post_type_heading( $post_type_name, $post_type_object ) Applied to the post type headings, within the surrounding <a></a> tags if the headings are set to be linked. Banner photo by Susannah Kay.You can now display fresh, random Woocommerce related products on every single product page load (in a slider or not) based on current product's category,product tags or product attributes. Importa...nt in Version 3.0 Get related products by WooCommerce Product Attributes (ie color, size, texture etc). Important in Version 2.3 New slider ( Owl Carousel ), if previous slider didn't work for your theme please try the new one. Woo Related Products can help you : Display real related products (using a slider or not). Set related product's heading text (you can use HTML). Set the number of related products you want to display or Disable them. Set Category or Tag based related products. Display related products using Flexslider. Requirements WooCommerce Plugin Plugin Setup Install The plugin - visit istallation tab for more info Use plugin's option page to set up the plugin - located as a submenu inside WooCommerce menu - Version 2.0 includes A responsive slider for your related products. Since V2.0 Options page is a submebu inside WooCommerce menu tab. Improved Code for faster display. Multi categories and tags support. Bug Fixes. Support Feel free to contact me by email or even better use the support section here in and i will get back to you asap. Don't want to show Related Products in your WooCommerce store ? Hide them with this plugin. After Installing this plugin, Related Products from your product page will be removed. You can contact me on my website for further support.Related Topics Simple Tag List checks each tag attached to a post and only displays it if at least one other post exists. If exactly one other article has that tag, the tag name then links directly to that post. Otherwise, the tag name will link to the tag archive. Not only are links intelligently created, but the link’s title attribute is updated to say “View Related Post” if linking directly to post, or “View Archive of Related Posts” if linking to tag archive. An options page under Settings allows choosing from an inline listing with customizable separator, and a basic bulleted list. HTML can be added before and after the list. Not listing HTML before the list effectively removes the title. No additional classes or CSS are added by this plugin. Tag links will use whatever color is defined by the theme. This plugin is best for sites that use tags in a purposeful way connected to a content strategy. It’s an especially great way to connect content for beginning blogs, but can also grow with the site.Related content for posts and pages Related Content is tested, if you find a bug please open a ticket in the support request. Every issue will be fixed asap! The Related Content plugin features: FULLY FREE related content plugin show related to post links show related to page links shortcode can be used to show related content links on page shortcode can be used to show related content links on post randomized related links for post, pages and categories related content block with Title or without Title no our copyrights no third party links As "related" will be used the content from your own WordPress website and showed for content linking in block on your permitted pages. How to use Related Content plugin? After Related Content plugin was successfully activated, set the Setting for plugin, copy shortcode and past on any post or page of your website If you need help with the related content or you want to report a bug please refer to our support on http://www.wpadm.comThis Plugin makes it easy to add WooCommerce "Related Products" to individual blog posts. Select from all your WooCommerce Products in the Wordpress "Add Post" admin screen to add them to the bottom of your post content. Inserts the selected product linked thumbnails to the bottom of your post content with css classes that make them easy to customize! This plugin is not meant to be an all encompassing WooCommerce Related Products Add-On. It is just a simple solution to get WooCommerce products onto your blog posts Related posts displayed at the bottom of the post. Generate beautiful responsive carousel slider. Touch and drag the slider. Provide a lot of options to set, flexible configuration appearance. Display related posts via categories, tags or customize. Read More*Related posts based on categories, tags. *Can be replaced and sort of related posts at admin screen. *I can be added as an add-on another related posts algorithm. You can make addon to use Addon Template. You can use JSON REST API Endpoint. Require plugin JSON REST API Translators Japanese(ja) - Horike Takahiro Thai(th_TH) - TG Knowledge You can send your own language pack to me. Please contact to me. Contributors @ShinichiN @Webnist By adding Related Posts to your content header and footer you can enhance the user experience a lot. Well designed related posts section will keep your visitors on your site for a long time. Stop worrying about related content. Related Posts Lite will provide you a powerful and beautiful related posts solution, which works with custom post types as well. Related Posts Lite uses a complex keyword based engine to look for related content. The powerful backend will help you to customize the layout and behaviour of the plugin quick and easy. Why related Posts Lite? Very easy setup, instantly works Smart thumbnail images with TimThumb image library Consumes less CPU power Database queries are highly optimized Caching lets you save even more resources Solid javascript and CSS Support forum is checked regulary (as you can see) No limitations Features List: Lookup in posts, pages and custom post types (like WooCommerce products) Smart fill options, if no related content is found Clean sliding layout with autoplay 6 retina ready pre-defined themes included Smart image parsing with BFIThumb image caghing technology Automatic caching for better speed Use the custom shortcode [wpdreams_rpl] to put it anywhere ony our site Homepage: Pro version Demo: Related Posts ProQuickly increase your readers' engagement by adding related posts in the sidebar or after post content with a widget or shortcode. Posts with the most terms in common will display at the top! This plugin is capable of finding related posts in multiple taxonomies and post types. Include or exclude terms from the search for related posts. Change the look and feel by using your own templates in your (child) theme. plugin documentation Plugin features: Widget and Shortcode. Display related posts as post thumbnails, links, excerpts or full posts. Small Footprint. Doesn't slow down your site! Object and persistent cache to get the related posts. Automatic display of related posts after the post content. Search for related posts in single or multiple taxonomies and post types. Exclude or include terms and posts. Limit the search of related posts by date or number. Use your own HTML templates for display of the related posts. Use plugin functions in your theme templates to display related posts yourself. Use Filters to change the default behavior of the plugin. Extensive plugin documentation. Highly Adjustable! Follows WordPress coding standards and plugin best practices. Follow this plugin on GitHub. See the FAQ to have related posts automatically display after the post content without using the shortcode or widget. Default usage for the shortcode is: [related_posts_by_tax] Attributes for the shortcode are: post_id taxonomies post_types posts_per_page order orderby before_shortcode after_shortcode title before_title after_title exclude_terms include_terms exclude_posts format image_size columns caption limit_posts limit_year limit_month related Example to show 10 related posts instead of the default 5. [related_posts_by_tax posts_per_page="10"] See the documentation for more information about these attributes. Translations Dutch French (by Annie Stasse) Spanish (by msoravilla) Catalan (by msoravilla) Polish (by koda0601) Related Links Blender is a Wordpress plugin to make it easy to cross link your posts and link to external web pages. Visitors will be provided with topical reading options at the end of the current post. Search engines will get more content. There are two methods of adding links. The links are set in a post's editor page in a custom options pane. Links are added at the end of a post's content. Best Method - Construct a link using the tools in the Related Links Blender post edit pane. Use the FIND A POST tool to search through your existing posts to quickly create rich links, or manually enter a link to any webpage you want. Links are cached for efficient delivery to visitors. This is the preferred way to add links - tuned for visitor interest and SEO. Legacy Method - The first method. Just enter a comma seperated list of post ID numbers to which you wish to link. You can find the post number in the top right corner of our editor pane. The targeted post's title, thumb, and a couple lines of text are used to contruct the link. This exists to support historic links, not recommended for use as it it near end of life. The Related Links Blender plugin has a settings page in which you can customise how the inserted links are constructed and styled. This requires some basic HTML knowledge. NOTE: This plugin is a beta release that is under development. Please report any issues!This plugin allow relate blogs between they for relate contents in more languages. It add a link in your pages of blog that link between they and adds meta rel="alternate" hreflang="xx" and links in your posts, pages and tags that indicate that they have an other blog in other language. Contact Some features: Add meta rel="alternate" hreflang="xx" in all headers (posts, pages, categories, tags and home) that have link realteds in other languages Permit include links in sidebars with configurable widget. Permit multiple links in more languages. Include uninstaller that remove all information added to plugin for leave the blog as it was before plugin installation. Related posts (aaa+) Yuzo is intended to show related post plugin as accurate as possible, also has multiple features with more customization options +60 much as structure as design. Also in this new version features a super widget to display related or the best post your wordpress blog. This fast to use and configure intuitive and the best thing is free. Displays related post your stories with different features of text and image size. Support only HERE Yuzo only works with PHP 5.3+ or higher Here are some of its main features: The fastest: Yuzo is considered one of the fastest of all time plugins in Wordpress. RTL ready! Cache: Now Yuzo cache uses the images and sql to make your site faster. Post related manually: With this you can add a post that you want to be related to another post. Minimalist: It has a minimalist design with interesting effects. New Metabox: The new metabox is something you want to know. Yuzo Widget: You can see it in the widget and is a super widget. Customizing text: Allows you to customize the text in many ways, colors, etc ... Counter: Check the amounts of visits to your post have by Yuzo. Dashboard (Post): Display visits in the list of post in administration. Productivity: All tools and options needed to take advantage of the plugin. Post Type. (post,page,attachment, other types) Style: Horizontal & Vertical Categories on which related thumbnails will appear. Thumbnail size. Height & Width image. Background Color. Displays your post visits (visits counter by post) Show related only in a specific page/post And more options. Thousands of websites are using this pluginAdjusts the image size of post related to fit your template. Gives shape and life to your post with 'Yuzo related post' ;)Need some extra configurations for Related Post Inside Plugin (if you want it more useful for you). Related Post Inside Plugin allows to change the "Related Post" Title, Number of posts to show, order and Order By. With the activation of Related Post Inside a settings section named "Jewel Theme RPI" will be created. For use this plugin a shortcode [rpi] will be needed. Features Included Related Post Inside Title. Number of posts to show. Order- ASC or DESC. Order By- ID, title, date, modified, author, post_name, rand etc. Many more features including Editor Buttons is coming. About the Author A product by Jewel Theme WordPress Team. Problems and Support To get faster response You can create a Topics our Website Support Forum. If you have any query about Related Post Inside Plugin then please check our F.A.Q. Comments, Feedback and Request Features Please give your valueable suggestions, comments, and feedbacks about this plugin or, any ideas about WordPress Plugin just drop a Support Forum. We are waiting for hearing from you!!! This plugin is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.WPB WooCommerce Related Products Slider plugin will replace the default WooCommerce related products with a nice and smooth slider of all related products. The slider is fully dynamic, just active and it's ready to show the slider of related products in single product page. No extra settings required. The design of WPB WooCommerce Related Products Slider is very nice and standard, it will match with all kinds of WooCommerce store. It's fully responsive so nothing to worry about the small devices. It has settings to manage the style settings & some basic setups. Get The PRO Version | DEMO | Support Plugin Features Two different theme for related products slider. Autometic related products output depending upon the product category and tags. All devices supported responsive slider. Flat type nice design. Very light weight. Work with all standard WordPress theme. Easy to use. Developer friendly clean code & easy to customize. PRO Version Features Select product specific custom relative products. Show relative products slider form products tag match only. Enable or disable slider pagination, navigation, auto play & slider speed. Option for choosing the number of columns in slider for small screen devices. S* tyle settings for changing colors of navigation, pagination, text, button and price. Life time free update. Free and quick support. Free installation service ( if needed ). You may also like our some other WooCommerce plugins WPB Woocommerce Product slider | Woocommerce Image Zoom | WooCommerce LightBox | WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager Related YouTube Videos is a free WordPress plugin that embeds a number of, well, YouTube videos that are related to your content. The list is put together by using the YouTube search API. And you can specify the relation between the videos and your content by: the title of your current post, page or custom post type. the tags of your current post, page or custom post type. the categories of your current post, page or custom post type. any keywords you specify. Also, this plugin offers you two ways to embed related videos: by using the shortcode [relatedYouTubeVideos] somewhere in your post/page content. by using the WordPress widget "Related YouTube Videos" in any of your widget areas (multiple instances are possible). Disclaimer / Important As of April 2015 the YouTube API can only be accessed when you have a valid key for the data API. Also, the number of free requests per day is limited! There is a nice and short video tutorial ( on how to get such an API key. But it's up to you to make sure your stay within the free limit or keep track of the costs when you need more than that! Please read Youtube and Google's terms and conditions for more details. The Shortcode I'm only going to explain the options/paramters for the shortcode but they work exactly the same for the widget, of course. You can put the shortcode [relatedYouTubeVideos] anywhere you want inside the content of a page, post, or custom post type - as long as your WordPress theme is supporting shortcodes. You can use the following options/parameters/attributes: Appearance id - You can specify the HTML id attribute for the wrapping <ul> element. class - You can specify an additional HTML class name for the wrapping <ul> element width - Width of the HTML video object height - Height of the HTML video object preview - "true" will only display the preview image and only load the video (via Javascript!) when this image has been clicked. showVideoTitle - "true" if you want to show the video title right below the video itself. Can be styled via CSS class .title showVideoDescription - "true" if you want to show the video description below the video, respectively, when the video title is displayed right below the title. Can be styled via CSS class .description autoplay - "true" if you want the video to automatically start playing when ready. This will obviously not work in preview mode!! exclude - Comma separated list of post/page IDs where no videos shall be displayed. Configuration max - Number of videos (or search results) that will be returned. Can be any number between 1 and 10! random - Select MAX number of videos out of RANDOM number of videos. offset - START and OFFSET are interchangably the same and just other words for the same option. YouTube relation - Specify the kind of relation that shall be used for searching YouTube. Can either be 'postTitle', 'postTags', 'postCategories', or 'keywords' (in which case the attribute 'terms' will be used for the YouTube search). terms - Search YouTube for these terms - no separating commas required. exact - Set to 'true' will (try to) search for the exact phrase. orderBy - Can either be 'published', 'rating', 'viewCount', (default) 'relevance'. lang - {2-letter-language-code} will show videos in that language. region - {2-letter-country-code} will show videos that are actually viewable in that region/country. author - Only show videos from a given YouTube User(name) . filter - Add additional keywords or filtering search parameters. Those will always be added even when the relation is set to post title, tags, or so. You can also manually add post tags by adding '+postTags', categories by adding '+postCategories', the post title by adding '+postTitle', post meta data by adding '+postMeta:key' to the filter. viewRelated - set to "no" or "false" will not show more related videos at the end of a clip. I recommend always using the attributes 'relation', 'max', and if the relation shall be 'keywords' the 'terms' attribute. Depending on your design you might also set a custom width and height for the videos so they fit in properly. Shortcode Example 1: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="postTags" max="3"] Will show three videos coming back from the search YouTube for (all!) the tags you have assigned to this post or page. Shortcode Example 2: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="keywords" terms="monty python" max="5"] Will show five Monty Python videos from YouTube. Shortcode Example 3: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="keywords" terms="real madrid" exact="true" max="2"] Will search for the exact phrase "Real Madrid" and (hopefully) not just anything "real". Shortcode Example 4: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="postTitle" max="1" orderBy="viewCount" start="1"] Will show the second most popular video (the first being skipped) relating to your post or page title. Shortcode Example 5: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="keywords" terms="monthy python" max="1" showVideoTitle="true" showVideoDescription="true"] Will show a Monty Python video, followed by the video title, followed by the video, followed by the video description. Shortcode Example 6: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="keywords" terms="monthy python" max="1" preview="true"] Will show the thumbnail of a Monty Python video and load + play the video only when it's being clicked. Shortcode Example 7: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="postTitle" filter="intitle:official -intitle:cover" max="1" preview="true"] If the post title is about a music video (band and song title, for example) this will only show the official music video. Shortcode Example 8: [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="postTitle" filter="+postCategories" max="1" preview="true"] Will use the post title and a list of all categories the post is in to search YT. The Widget The widget almost works the same way. Or at least it has the same options for configuring the video request. If you log into your WordPress backend and go to the "Appearance > Widget" menu (given that your theme supports widgets) you can drag&drop a widget instance into the widget area of your choice. The relatedYouTubeVideos widget allows multiple instances. So you can put as many widgets as you like into as many widget areas as you like. The difference between the widget and the shortcode is not in terms of functionality but usually in the context they reside. Widgets usually go into sidebars or footers and alike and the same widget usually shows up for many, if not all pages, just the same. Shortcodes are placed inside the actual content and therefore will only show up when the page or post where they're put is shown. There is one functionality that only applies to widgets: In the options field "Hide on" you can set a list of comma separated, numerical post IDs on which the widget will not show up. This way you can easily exlude the widget on certain post. You can also use PAGE ids for that matter, since under the hood WordPress manages all "post type" IDs the same. Randomize Results The same keywords (or post title/tags) will ususally return the same video(s) for a period of time. Basically, that's up to YouTube but in can take days, weeks or even months until fresh videos will show up. When you set a numeric value for the RANDOM parameter/option you can get random videos from a pool of results. The MAX value plays along with the RANDOM value and both read like this: Show me {MAX} random videos out of {RANDOM} videos. [relatedYouTubeVideos relation="keywords" terms="fast cars" max="2" random="10"] will actually request 10 videos from YouTube but only show 2 random ones out of that 10. So RANDOM will determine the size of the pool MAX videos will be chosen from. System Requirements In order to run this plugin you need the following components installed and enabled in your server and PHP environment: PHP 5.1.2+ SimpleXML (usually is enabled by default anyways) cURL (preferred) or fopen/fsockopen OpenSSL + HTTPS wrapper (is only required if cURL is not available) WordPress 3.0+ In general you should not have to worry about these things since they're included in most web hosting packages nowadays. But to be sure you can download and install this plugin and then check the backend page. There is a "System Requirements" section that will show you exactly if you can good to go or if there is any problem. In case you're getting a "URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration" error you should make sure your PHP.ini file contains these two lines: allow_url_include = on allow_url_fopen = on Available Languages: English German Serbo-Croatian - by Borisa Djuraskovic (Webhostinghub) This plugin adds a widget to WordPress that will list similar posts to the one being reviewed. The widget will only be rendered on a post single page, as otherwise it would not be relevant. A shortcode is also available -- [magadanski-similar-posts]. There are several attributes available for the shortcode: ID -- (integer) the ID of the post you'd like to get similar posts for. Default value: the current post ID. post_type -- (string) the post type you'd like to query. Default value: "post". taxonomy -- (string) the taxonomy based on which you'd like to get similar items. Default value: "category". limit -- (integer) a maximum number of results you'd like to receive. Default value: 5. The similarity is considered based on the number of common categories for this posts and the rest of the posts in your blog.A simple 'related posts' plugin that lets you select related posts manually. Supports any post types in WordPress, including custom ones. Features: Add related posts to your blog posts, pages etc. Choose from posts, pages or custom post types. Re-order related posts via drag and drop. Lightweight in code and database-requests. Includes Widget that shows the related posts. List of posts can also be added to the content of your post. Custom markup possible, build your own caroussel or anything you fancy. Support for multilanguage plugins, like WPML and Qtranslate-X. Duplicate plugin Related (Doubled Up) is included to build a second list. The plugin was written to have the option to add related posts to each blog post using a simple but functional plugin. You can select the related posts yourself manually. To display the related posts, there are three options: You can use the widget that is included. Use the content filter inside the settings. Add PHP code to your template, see the installation docs. For advanced options, see the installation docs.Related Posts is unique because it gives you the option to editorially curate related content for each post, or let Sovrn automatically recommend sources from around the web -- OR BOTH! Here's a few other features you might enjoy: In-Text links recommendations from popular sources such as Wikipedia, IMDB, and YouTube Responsive themes for desktop, tablet, and mobile Like writing CSS? Customize Related Posts with your own code! Performance Our recommendations aren't database intensive, which is why we're not blacklisted by WP Engine. This also means better performance, not to mention you can set how far back you wish to index your articles in the plugin settings. Editorial support Sovrn offers users editorial support by enabling a Related articles widget. You manually choose the articles you wish to recommend to others. This way you reach out to other bloggers that write about similar topics - remember sharing is caring! =) Customizable themes Related Posts plugin comes with a lot of beautiful themes with different thumbnail sizes. You can even manually adjust the "look and feel" of the theme with custom CSS and other advanced settings. And if you bump into an obstacle, our Support team is happy to help you out, just reach out. Customize the look and feel of Sovrn's Related Posts plugin by navigating to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Related Posts by Sovrn If you have any questions getting started, please let us know! Send us an email to We'd love to hear from you.Returns a list of related entries to display into your posts/pages/etc. You may configure the apparence, the weights, etc. It is also possible to display featured images or first images in articles. This plugin is under GPL licence Multisite - Wordpress MU This plugin works on a multisite installation of Wordpress Localization English (United States), default language Spanish (Spain) translation provided by DaviddeUgarte French (France) translation provided by SedLex, PigeotCarl, Julien Italian (Italy) translation provided by cervellomacchiato Russian (Russia) translation provided by Vietnamese (Viet Nam) translation provided by Chinese (Taiwan) translation provided by chris Features of the framework This plugin uses the SL framework. This framework eases the creation of new plugins by providing tools and frames (see dev-toolbox plugin for more info). You may easily translate the text of the plugin and submit it to the developer, send a feedback, or choose the location of the plugin in the admin panel. Have fun !Related Post allows you to display related post under post or other post type via short-code. How it is work ? Related Post will display post list from same categories or tags match for post. Related Post by Plugin Features Responsive admin settings. Use via short-code. Use on archive(loop) or content. can use on single post. N.B. We are working on this plugin making some fancy star rating.WP Related Items plugin offers different types of similar contents for your users. For example some related products can be displayed to your similar posts. This makes connections of your site content...s visible to your clients, increasing business efficiency. Would you like to offer some related products to your blog posts? Do you need offer up-sell or cross-sell products? Do you have an event calendar plugin, and want to suggest some programs connected to an article? Do you have a custom movie catalog plugin and want to associate some articles to your movies? Using cross type relationship management functions, WRI makes it possible to associate a post, page, or other custom post type to other posts, pages or custom post types, ensures widely configurable relatedness settings, sophisticated cross-relation adjustments. WRI uses the most popular YARPP relationship handling plugin in the background, extending its functionality, retaining its advantages. WRI combines automatic, manual and common categorization based relationship management. Some functions are available in the PRO version. You can set attributes that define how to display different type of related items for every reference item type. Such a matrix-like way you can specify all necessary variations of display settings. This version ensures built in WooCommerce custom product support. Please find more information on the product documentation page: PRO version Plugin Page: Available languages English Spanish - translated by Andrew Kurtis - WebHostingHub Hungarian - tranlated by WebshopLogic Quickly increase your readers' engagement with your posts by adding Related Posts in the footer of your content. Automatically added Related Posts can increase your internal traffic up to 10%. Just install and activate. To attract attention and improve SEO, link out to Related Posts across the web from your compose screen. Search for posts and hand-pick them with ease. Recommendations are provided by Sovrn's world-class semantic service. Plugin supports different styles, thumbnails, is fully customizable and includes caching for improved performance. After installation, go to Settings -> Related Posts in your plugins list and Turn on Advanced Features! Share the Link Love The best way to display related content from your site, and/or your blogroll. nrelate is not just another related posts plugin. Our patent-pending technology continuously analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website. This ultimately leads to higher page-views for your site, and a better user experience for your visitors. Installing this plugin is as simple as activating it, and you can leave the rest to nrelate. Once activated, the nrelate servers will immediately begin analyzing your website content and associating similar articles. Of course, we provide an options page so you can fine tune the display. There are four ways to display related content: 1. Automatically display before or after each post. 2. Use the [nrelate-related] shortcode in your post. 3. Use our widget in any widget area in your theme 4. Place the nrelate_related() function in your theme files. nrelate's style gallery allows you to customize the look of our plugin by choosing one of our set styles, or designing your own. Check out the screenshots. Advertising is also possible with the plugin. Ads come with the same display options as the related content and are a great way to earn a little extra income from your blog. Because all of the processing and analyzing runs on our servers and not yours, nrelate doesn't cause any additional load on your hosting account (especially if you're using shared hosting). Learn more about nrelate or View other nrelate plugins. Translators Romanian (ro_RO) - Web Hosting Geeks Spanish (es_ES) - Antonio David Perez Vera Dutch (nl_NL) - Vincent G Lithuanian (lt_LT) - Vincent G Related posts, related articles and in-text links are an easy way to make your creations feel more authoritative and credible. Related posts help your readers discover your own related content by automatically linking to it at the bottom of each post. Related articles help your readers find other related content from bloggers just like you. You can get the attention from the authors you’ve linked to. In-text links are similar to related articles, but they also include links to Wikipedia, Google Maps, IMDb and others. This plugin is basically a testbed for features. When features get stable they get into the main plug-in which is WordPress Related Posts. Share the Link Love Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site. YARPP Basic for Standard Features Thumbnail or list view of related content. Related posts, pages, and custom post types. Templating: The YARPP templating system gives you advanced control of how your results are displayed. An advanced and versatile algorithm: Using a customizable algorithm considering post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, YARPP finds related content from across your site. Learn More. Related posts in feeds: Display related posts in RSS feeds with custom display options. This plugin requires PHP 5, MySQL 4.1, and WordPress 3.3 or greater. See the FAQ for answers to common questions.Similar Posts displays a list of posts that are similar or related to the current posts. The list can be customised in many ways. Similarity is judged according to a post's title, content, and tags and you can adjust the balance of factors to fit your own site. Few Notable Options complete control over the display & layout of displayed posts over 30 tags for display template customization matching of current post's category, tags, content and author post excluding by author, ID, category, tags and custom fields output in posts, widgets and RSS over 50 options available Full list of options and instructions. Originally developed by Robert Marsh.Plugin Home Page | Author Site | Support| Hire Me My Other Plugins : IGIT Related Posts Widget | IGIT Random Post Slider Widget | IGIT Follow Me Button | IGIT Twitter Tweet Button The IGIT Related P...osts With Thumb After Posts Plugin Automatically inserts related posts after post content. Related posts showing by current posts tags and category posts. Remove title and content matching because it was taking too much resources of server. Code given Place manually related posts. How many related posts want to show managable from admin. Option to display thumb image or not. Option to display Title or not. Option to set thumb image width and height. Options to select Three related posts format – Horizontal, Vertical, Simple Style. Options to exclude Categories from Related Posts. By using this plugin on your blog you can attract your visitors to other related articles of your blog. This plugin is also SEO friendly. Ajax Based Admin Options. Option to disable timthumb and disable hard crop in timthumb. Note : This plugin is showing thumb images which are exists in posts and also exists on same server, Images from remote server are not showing in related posts to prevent bandwidth theft. Major Features Automatically inserts related posts after post content. Related posts showing by current posts tags and category posts. Remove title and content matching because it was taking too much resources of server. Code given Place manually related posts. How many related posts want to show managable from admin. Option to display thumb image or not. Option to display Title or not. Option to set thumb image width and height. Options to select Three related posts format – Horizontal, Vertical, Simple Style. Options to exclude Categories from Related Posts. Change font size, font family, font color from admin. Change background color, hover background color from admin. Upload default image from settings page. Option to disable timthumb and disable hard crop in timthumb. Included Files igit-rpwt.php timthumb.php inc Folder (contains files for admin and front end) images folder
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