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OG Survey1.01002      258

OG Survey is a beautiful WooCommerce extension which creates a simple Survey Management to your WooCommerce site.

RS Survey1.0 663      467

Create Surveys and see results submitted by users very easy very useful

StatsFC Poll1.10 602      488

This widget will place a custom poll on your website.

Votely by WPGens0.9.51008     2074

Adds simple poll/vote/opinion system at the end of post that helps your content to engage with users. Check screenshots.

Likert Survey Master0.7.4 602      595

Quickly create "Likert scale" surveys and get results with charts.

Snappy Surveys1.0.2 802      740

Get to know your audience. Create simple surveys that capture anonymous data. See insightful statistics from your surveys.

Surveys by IgniteFeedback1.0.5 949     3509

Easily deliver real-time, beautiful pop-up surveys and polls on your WordPress site. Free for life.

Pinpoll3.0.8 805     2048

Create Polls to Boost Site Interaction!

pollka polls2.0 804     1824

This is a simple and flexible plugin that allows to use polls in worpress site and bbpress forums. The poll can be created by any registered user.

WP Survey Plus1.0 728     3701

Setup awesome surveys within few minutes!

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Surveys by Feedback Cat1.2.2 8010    5485

Surveys by Feedback Cat Helps You Grow Your Business Or Blog By Making It Easy To Gather Feedback Using Onpage User Surveys.

Simply Polls1.0 602     1266

Add AJAX poll to your WordPress blog. You can use our polls on sidebars, posts and pages.

Poll1.6.2 746     4629

Poll helps you better understand your visitors, users, or customers. Get instant feedback with email alerts, statistics, and a simple dashboard.

YOP Poll5.8.0 92357 325526

Use a full option polling solution to get the answers you need. YOP Poll is the perfect, easy to use poll plugin for your wordpress site.

Survey1.6.2 8221   20611

Survey anyone, anytime. Perfect for learning about visitors, users, or customers. Built in dashboard and auto-email alerts make keeping tabs a breeze.

Qeryz Wordpress Survey1.6.31002     2475

Qeryz is a pop-up, as-you-go microsurvey that you can put in any and every webpage you have in your website.

Sexy Polling0.9.4 565     7151

Sexy Polling - Find out what your audience thinks!

TotalPoll Lite3.0.0 845     7815

TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress poll plugin that lets you create and integrate polls easily with several features to control your polls.

MiwoPolls - Polls & Voting Simplified1.0.5 603     4854

MiwoPolls is a simple and flexible plugin for voting. It displays the vote results in a nice pie chart or table way.

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Poll1.1.8 5626   51090

WordPress Polls plugin is an wonderful tool for creating polls and survey forms for your visitors. You can use our polls on widgets, posts and pages.

WordPress Survey & Poll1.4.8 547    16941

WordPress Survey and Poll offers unique solution to get your visitors' feedbacks directly on your WordPress website.

WP Poll2.0.21002     6048

This plugin will allow you to create and manage poll in your WordPress

Spiritual Gifts Survey (and optional S.H.A.P.E survey)0.9.101002     6527

Spiritual Gifts Survey to help church members find their place of service in the local church and other service organizations.

Polling Widget: Ranker Lists3.0.2 902     7231

Use Ranker to create a custom "ranking poll" -a highly engaging crowdsourced list that will increase time on page by 125% and commenting 3X.

WP Survey And Quiz Tool2.14 6621  157812

A highly customisable Quiz, Survey and Poll plugin to which allows for unlimited questions and sections.

SodaHead Polls3.0.4 727    70025

Quickly and easily create free, customized polls for your blog with the best WordPress poll plugin available.

WP-Polls2.73.2 8492 2399104

Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress's blog post/page.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings2.0.34 5221  890504

Create and manage Polldaddy polls and ratings from within WordPress.