General (100 plugins)
Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Right Click Menu2.2 602      258

User will get a site menu by mouse right click on any page. Admin can set a menu from admin menu section.

Quick Page Navigation1.0.01002      289

Quick Access to any page from admin bar at frontend / backend. Easily edit any page in WordPress or Beaver Builder. Just Click, Search and Go.

Quick Navigation1.11002      370

This plugin makes you able to quick navigation between all posts or pages, when you're in the list.

Hide/Unhide Menu for Guest/Member1.0.21006     1954

Hide/Unhide Menu for Guest/Member is a simple plugin that you can easily manage to hide or unhide menu for guest and member via css.

Easy Menu Manager | WPZest1.0.1 666     1983

Easily Delete Menu Items with one-click, without having to open the 'menu edit' box. Also control individual menu item with 'show/hide

WordPress Quick Menu1.01004     1370

WordPress Quick Menu plugin allow you to add or remove page / post to multiple or single menu on page create or edit screen.

TB Search in Menu1.0.0 685     1747

This plugin adds a search item in the nav menu of your choice

Current Menu Item for Custom Post Types1.310013    4759

Allows you to highlight the current menu item by assigning a page to a custom post type.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Current Username on Navigation Label1.0.01005     1892

This plugin allows you to display current username (Display Name) on wordpress menu navigation label or title attribute.

WP Top Navigation1.4.0 902      778

Puts the WordPress admin navigation at the top of the screen providing more screen estate for the rest of WordPress.

Easy Menu Handler (EMH)1.0.01003     1355

Easy Menu Handler (EMH) provides you with a fast and user-friendly way to delete a single menu item or it's whole branch.

WP Group Menu0.2 602      951

Adds a universal topmenu amoung sister websites. Manage menus from one central location and use the client plugin on remaining sites.

Quick remove menu item0.110025   11965

Delete menu item & its sub items quickly

Custom Menu Fields0.21002      963

Provides an API to add custom fields to the menu editor.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Zen Menu Logicv1.4 9817    8725

Zen Menu Logic allows the user to select any of several custom menus to appear on a per page basis.

WeedMaps Menu for WordPress1.2.0 702     1075

WordPress plugin to embed a Menu using a shortcode.

Multisite Shared Menu1.2 845     2742

Use navigation menus from another multisite blog on the same network to achieve a universal common navigation area.

Easy Bubble Menu1.3 908     4439

Powerful jQuery Supplementary Menu & Social Icons Builder

Zajax - Ajax Navigation0.41004     2271

Ajax navigation for Wordpress

Voce Submenu Items1.31002     1145

Nest menus as items to avoid giant navigation menus in your admin.

JC Submenu0.8.4 9632   19597

JC Submenu plugin allows you to automatically populate your navigation menus with custom post_types, taxonomies, or child pages.

Power Menus1.1.2 808     5464

Get full control over WordPress menus! Set visibility of menu items, control access per user role and logged or non-logged in users!

Different Menu in Different Pages1.0.1 543     2080

Different menu in different pages is a very lightweight and useful plugin that helps you to set different menu in different WordPress posts and page.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WP Different Navigation on Each Page And Post1.11004     2813

This plugin are display different-different navigation on each page and post.

GT Push Menu Lite1.2.1 803     2451

Easy to use and configure, multilevel offcanvas mobile navigation menu plugin.

Responsive Menu Card | Price List Items1.5 845     4233

Create a customized and responsive menu card with price list items to your site.

Widget Menuizer0.5.81003     2550

Unlocks the full potential of the menu system by allowing sidebar regions to be placed into WordPress menus

Shortcodes in Menus3.110028   28280

Allows you to add shortcodes in WordPress Navigation Menus

User role sidebar menu0.0.21002     2024

Manage custom Sidebar menus based on logged-in user.

Side Menu - add fixed side buttons2.11008     8166

Create an attention-grabbing side menu! Add fixed side buttons to your website!

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WPB Accordion Menu or Category1.04 8213   13469

WordPress menu accordion and WordPress category accordion both possible for this plugin with submenu / subcategory / custom texonomy support.

Simple Responsive Menu2.1 8010   10882

This plugin is convert WordPress menus to Simple Responsive Menus.

Custom Menu Class0.2.6.1 646     6531

Set predefined CSS classes to menu items

Widgets in Menu for WordPress0.2.1 9812   13645

Allows you to add Widgets in WordPress Navigation Menus

WP Home Page Menu1.01002     2302

This plugin displays home page menu in the navigation bar which can be configured easily from the admin area.

Fixed Circular Navigation Menu1.1.1 866     6967

Fixed fancy navigation, perfect as an extra or mobile auxiliar menu. Circular shaped with a modern look that opens when menu button is clicked

WP Mobile Menu2.3 9030   34986

An easy to use WordPress responsive mobile menu. Keep your mobile visitors engaged.

myStickymenu1.8.3 9862   75580

This modern lightweight plugin will made your menu or header sticky on top of page, after desired number of pixels when scrolled.

Duplicate Menu0.2 9641   52679

Easily duplicate your WordPress menus with one click.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Fixed Menu Anchor2.31003     3973

If you are using a sticky, fixed menu in your WP theme, this plugin is the best to deal with it overlapping anchored content.

Larbous Floating Menu1.1 602     2943

This plugin creates a floating menu set to the left position. Set the options in Settings / Larbous Floating Menu

Inner Page Menu1.0 943     4496

Add dynamic menus to your inner pages.

LowerMedia Sticky.js Menus3.1.0 9810   15361

Sticky Headers, Menus, Widgets, Anything! WordPress plugin that integrates sticky.js and makes your primary navigation menu and/or header sticky (wil

WP API Menus1.3.11005     7973

Extends WordPress WP REST API with new routes pointing to WordPress menus.

Page Specific Menu Items1.6.5 9444   70183

Allows user to select menu items page wise.

Responsive Navigation0.11006     9583

Responsive Navigation Plugin will help You to convert WordPress menu to responsive menu and It's easily customizable form wordpress admin .

SlickNav Mobile Menu1.8.0 9816   28121

This plugin adds the option to use the SlickNav Responsive Mobile Menu in place of a regular menu at a designated size.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
My Bootstrap Menu1.1.1 829    15937

Boostraps a menu using flexible and easy to use settings. Fully customizable for advanced users.

Nextend Accordion Menu9.3.2 9442   75515

User-friendly, highly customizable and easy to integrate menu solution to build custom accordion menu from any WordPress menu.

Mobile Navigation1.5 866    11259

A responsive fullscreen mobile menu navigation. Activate it for your custom made theme to save some time.

WP Jump Menu3.610024   49377

Creates a drop-down menu in the admin area which makes it easy to jump to a page, post, custom post type or media file for editing.

ShiftNav - Responsive Mobile Menu1.5.1 9443   92248

Add a native-style, off-canvas, responsive mobile navigation menu to your site.

Wbb Off-canvas - Responsive menu1.0.01002     4372

Create a complete full working responsive off-canvas menu. Configure and style the complete menu by adjusting menu-button, colours, fonts and position

WP-Parsi navigation trees2.0 685    11168

This plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu.

Widgetize Navigation Menu1.03 7014   34082

Allows you to add any widget to your navigation’s drop-down menus with an easy to use interface. Comes with four custom widgets.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
jQuery Responsive Select Menu1.5.010015   38189

Automatically turns your standard WordPress navigation menus into responsive select / drop-down menus when the screen is below a certain width.

Conditional Menus1.0.61003     7762

This plugin enables you to set conditional menus per posts, pages, categories, archive pages, etc.

Mega Menu by WooRockets.com1.1.4 7434   88582

WR Mega Menu is a Powerful, Responsive, and User-Oriented WordPress menu plugin with a Dedicated, Intuitive menu builder.

Privilege Menu1.8.11004    10690

Used to provide Menu display to users based on their Privilege Level (User roles or Logged In/Logged Out)

Gecka Submenu0.7.3 8416   47838

Submenu autopopulates any nav menu page item with its children and allows to put menus, or portion of menus, anywhere in your site.

Purify WordPress Menus3.1.11004    12346

Slim down the HTML code of WordPress menus to only the CSS classes and ID attributes your theme needs to improve page speed

Iconic Navigation1.1.6 704    12547

Adds image/font responsive icons to menu items via upload or Media Library or over 1400 of Font Icons choice. Custom options for each location.

Shortcode Menu3.2 8612   38084

Display your menu anywhere in simple and quick steps.

Genesis mobile & sticky menu1.2 743     9867

Hamburger style sliding off-canvas mobile menu and sticky menu for Genesis framework.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WP Responsive Menu2.0.7 9056  192415

WP Responsive Menu turns your WordPress menu to a highly customizable sliding responsive menu.

Max Mega Menu2.3.4 98221 824868

An easy to use mega menu plugin. Written the WordPress way.

Suppamenu - Wordpress Mega Menu2.0.0 685    18947

Wordpress mega menu, that allow you to build unlimited mega menus on the same page/site. Select a skin for each menu and you can create your own skins

WordPress wp nav menu Filter1.11002     7792

Adds the ability to pass an argument (pageID or page name) to show a filtered submenu with wp_nav_menu().

Responsive Menu3.0.17 94187 741720

Highly customisable Responsive Menu plugin with 150+ options. No coding knowledge needed to design it exactly as you want.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Responsive Select Menu1.7 8443  197052

The Responsive Select Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices.

Genesis Subpages as Secondary Menu2.01002    10641

Replaces the Genesis Secondary Menu with a dynamic listing of the current section's subpages. You must be using the Genesis Theme.

Storefront Hamburger Menu1.2.01003    17673

Storefront Hamburger Menu turns the default handheld navigation into an off-screen sidebar menu with a "hamburger" toggle.

Custom Menu Wizard Widget3.3.0 9835  211986

Show branches or levels of your menu in a widget, or in content using a shortcode, with full customisation.

WordPress Menu Vertical2.0.2 607    50960

Folder Menu Vertical is a flash dynamic menu module for your WordPress 3.0+ website, designed to meet your needs and preferences.

OpenMenu - The official plugin for OpenMenu2.4 764    30944

Easily create posts that are based on your OpenMenu. Fully integrates an OpenMenu or OpenMenu's and a restaurants Deals/Coupons into an existing

Genesis Simple Menus0.4.0 968    70808

With Genesis, Simple Menus allows you to select a WP menu for secondary navigation on posts, pages, categories, tags or custom taxonomies.

Multi-level Navigation Plugin2.3.8 743   302647

Adds a CSS based dropdown/flyout/slider menu to your WordPress blog.