General (19 plugins)
Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
Custom Email Options1.0.51006     1662

Customize your email notice settings and permits you to set possibles choices of messages sent by WordPress.

Disable New User Notification1.1 766     2132

Disable the user notification email that is sent to the user, with a password reset link, after registration.

WordPress Mail Changer1.0.01002      766

This plugin will allow you to change the email from address and name that WordPress uses by default.

Multiple Admin Emails1.01002      818

Allows to edit From Name, From Email, admin emails and send test emails

Manage Notification E-mails1.3.010019    9305

Disable or enable the Wordpress notification e-mails (new user, changed password, etc.). Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins!

CB Change Mail Sender1.11003     2019

Easy to change mail sender name and email from wordpress default name and email.

Resend Welcome Email1.1.0 685     4277

Quickly send a new welcome email and password reset link for a user through the user's profile edit area.

Log Emails1.2.11004     3467

Log emails to the database, to enable email problem analysis

Stop Emails1.2.01008     8049

Stop all outgoing emails sent from WordPress.

Post By Email1.0.4b 8416   16794

Create new posts on your WordPress blog by sending email to a specific email address.

Plugin NameVersionRatingReviewsDownloadsFlag
WP Mail Logging1.7.0 9818   26938

Logs each email sent by WordPress.

WP Change Default Email0.4 8410   15476

Allows WordPress Admins to update the default WordPress From Email Address and Name.

WP Simple Mail Sender1.0.21008    12556

WP Simple Mail Sender is a very simple plugin to change the sender address and name in outgoing emails.

Disable Emails1.3.01006    11349

Stop WordPress from sending any emails. ANY!

WP Mail From II1.110022   49150

Allows you to configure the default email address and name used for emails sent by WordPress.

SB Welcome Email Editor4.8 8248  143582

Allows you to edit the Wordpress Welcome/Forgot Password Emails to customise the content and even add an attachment.

Email Log1.9.1 9418   62601

Logs every email sent through WordPress. Works with WordPress Multisite as well

Disable New User Notification Emails1.0.2 808    29517

This plugin does one thing - disables new user notification emails.

Swift Mailer5.4.3 902    10834

The Swift Mailer library and nothing more. Created for developers.